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What a week. Things are about to get very busy. Quick recap. Banana bread. Beekeeping. Bacillary dysentery (probably). Too brief?

Last Monday had a planification meeting with my supervising NGO. Started 90 minutes late, the first of five 15 minute presentations went 90 minutes. I couldn't understand much of what was being said. Arguing about semantics? I made my excuses and left to go to Bandrefam to learn how to harvest honey! All the ag volunteers in the West were there, it was good fun, even though we didn't get any honey due to hive problems. It is good to catch up with the other volunteers and compare notes. They have all been doing much more than me. ANd have been more patient with meetings. Richard made it through four 6 hour meetings in a week. Gosh.

Tuesday was market day and I met a couple of farmers who want to work with me but all I wanted was some green veggies and sleep. Green veggies were hard to come by, but sleep was easy.

Wednesday I had a meeting in Baham with Liz and RIDEV to talk to the students who did the Young Scholars Program (Batir l'Avenir - Building the Future). It was good to hear about the students community projects and I understood slightly more. THe meeting was under two hours! Headed home feeling ill... which turned into 3 hours on the toilet wtih a bucket in front of me, unable to hold down a sip of water. Never has the conjuction AND meant so much in the description vomiting and diarrhea. My neighbor Jane tells me this is Africa saying Welcome, and maybe I ate something with fertilizer on it.

ThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday - recovery and house cleaning.

Today had a meeting in Baf with Liz and RIDEV concerning the continuation of the Young SCholars Program. We're going to try to do one, starting in 3 weeks, and a better planned one starting in October. An overwhelming amount of planning is about to take place! Tomorrow I need to track down the censeurs of 2 lycees in Bamendjou and try to make a meeting with the Bamendjou students for Wednesday, so that we can evaluate last years projects and start this years application process.

Also, just checked my e-mail today and the Engineers without Borders program (a Professor and 5 students) are arriving in Bamendjou now, for 11 days and they would like to work ensemble, as well.

Regional meeting on Saturday.

House still not clean.

Digestive system still not entirely in order.


But I am excited about everything that is going on, so hopefully I will overcome the overthinking-Zara pitfall and achieve much.

Also, just found out yesterday about Haiti. Gosh. I had two friends from many years ago there doing aid work, thanks be to the universe that they both made it out alive. Unfo, Christa had her foot amputated. I hear she is on the news a lot in the AK. Hope you are all sending positive thoughts and anything else useful to Haiti. There are a lot of people in need there.

All for now. Possible improved internet access soon.