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I walked home from Batie to Bamendjou today. I'm not exactly sure how far it is, it took an hour and a half. It was really nice to be walking outside, especially the first 20 minutes where I didn't see anyone. I have more than enough alone time here, but it is all inside my house. It is harder to go enjoy the outdoors and be alone, due to the very regular dispersal of people.

Here are some pictures from my walk, I'm too sleepy to formulate words right now.

Leaving Batie... lots of eucalyptus. C'est beau.

I live across from the giantest church. It was nice to see it in the sense that I knew home wasn't forever away. It still looked pretty far away though.

This was carved in the embankment by the road. I'm not sure what it is. There were more faces, too, afterwards. Kinda freaky.

There's the church again, only a few minutes away!

Here are my feet, dirty and with new blisters. Ow. They hurt.