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Alright, just a quick one. January is almost over? That means I've been at site almost 2 months, and in cameroon almost 5 months. Crazy.

So today through some miracle of keystrokes I managed to start my computer, which has been broken for over a week. Yes! Unfortunately, I lost all my pictures from Cameroon thus far, which I hadn't backed up, or saved on my SD card. Stupid. But, c'est la vie. So, now I have a computer and internet... amazing!!!! I have so many more resources to work with now!

Yesterday I hopped on a moto to head to Baham to meet with Liz about Batir l'Avenir. The moto, however, went down an entirely different road than the road I know as the road to Baham. I thought about saying something, but it was a nice day, and the mototaximan seemed nice, so I figured I would just let it ride.

What a ride!!!! It was the most beautiful moto ride I have been on thus far in Cameroon. We passed a sacred forest, which is truly beautiful, a multilayered, crazy biodiverse place with trees covered in fluff and vines hanging down and it's dense dense greenery. I saw a real lawn. I saw a huge-normous Baobab tree (i think). There was a house on the hill with round turret towers that had pagoda roofs. I felt so incredibly happy and lucky to be in Cameroon.

And we even made it to Baham!

Though I discovered a new form of moto-discomfort. About 2 minutes into the ride a bug flew in my nose. I could feel it rattling around in there, but I didn't want to dig it out while on the moto. So I just kind of squished my nose from the outside and killed it, but it was still rattling around in there. After a while it disappeared. I don't know if it fell out, or if it made it to my throat and I swallowed it, or if it is in my brain controlling my thoughts.

Kittens are great. Fried plantains are delicious. I love avocado season. The end.