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The internet is dangerous to have. I need to remind myself that it is to be used as a resource, not as a source of endless distraction. Guess which I've been doing more of!

It's been cloudy and cool the last 2 days, much like Humboldt weather, which is LOVELY. Last night there was some rain on the tin roof, and I felt very relaxed.

So in using the internet as a resource to stop using the internet as a source of distraction, I've been working on a journal/lifebook project. I've been doing some reading at zenhabits.net which is great, and working on positive thinking! I need more art in my life. In a doing art sort of way.

Here are some tiny pictures of what I've done:

As part of my positive thinking, I've been reading chakra affirmations. I don't know much about chakras, but I like the idea of focusing on these different aspects of life, and the words resonate with me. It makes me laugh, if nothing else, when I fall over into a bucket and then tell myself, "I move easily and effortlessly." And who doesn't need more laughter?